Leadership Is Earned

Leadership is never self-appointed. It is forged over time by actions, deeds, and respect earned by experience. Leaders are trusted because they’ve proven over time. The brand-new PC-12 NGX builds on the rock-solid, 1,700 aircraft foundation of its market-defining predecessor. In over seven million flight hours, the PC-12 has proven itself as the most versatile and valued business aircraft in the world. It’s an original that is impossible to copy.


The PC-12 NGX takes this legacy to the next level of refinement, efficiency, and technological advancement. Fly at the head of the pack with the new PC-12 NGX.

Take-Off Distance

758 m (2,485 ft)

Max Cruise Speed

537 km/h (290 KTAS)


3.339 km (1,802 nm)

Cargo Door

Spacious Cabin with Large Windows

Short & Rough Field Performance


Icons are Forged One Aircraft at a Time

Versatile. Safe. Reliable. Proven. These are terms operators of PC-12s frequently use to describe their aircraft, and why so many people around the world trust the PC-12 to fly their families, employees, customers and critical cargo. Add comfort, quality, efficiency and time savings to the list of benefits for those who travel on the world’s most popular single-engine business aircraft.


High residual values, low operating costs, and proven safe operation of over seven million flight hours and over 1,700 aircraft easily explain why the PC-12 has earned an untarnished reputation as one of the best investments in business aviation. Encapsulating all the advantages of the new PC-12 NGX within a single word is nearly impossible – but iconic seems fitting.

Technical Specs


Inspired by DNA and BMW

Together with BMW Designworks we are pleased to offer the most comfortable and modern cabin experience ever in the PC-12 NGX. Inspired by the design of the PC-24, the new PC-12 NGX executive seats feature full recline, taller seat backs, and even more seated headroom. Fine European leather, custom hand-stitching, and a wealth of designs to appeal to a multitude of personalities, your PC-12 NGX is crafted to reflect your unique style. As much as you love flying, we know you also want to stay connected, and the PC-12 NGX can be outfitted with the latest in Wi-Fi, entertainment, and connectivity technologies. Sit back and relax, or get to work, confident that you are in the ultimate.

Max Passengers

10 + 1 Piloto

Max Payload

1.014 kg

Max Altitude

9.144 m

Os melhores materiais


It’s All in the Details

Form follows function. But in the PC-12 NGX, it’s a very close second. Each aircraft is individually and exquisitely crafted to not only meet your exacting expectations, but also those of our demanding Swiss heritage. From the very moment you enter the cabin, it’s apparent that the PC-12 NGX is truly in a class of its own – even among aircraft priced much higher. You’ll appreciate the Swiss craftsmanship and attention to detail presented in the form of custom hand-sewn leather, exclusive hardwood cabinetry and fine upholstery that abound throughout the aircraft. It even extends into areas deep in the aircraft that only a mechanic might see. It all matters to us, so go ahead and sweat the details – we do, too.

Cabin Dimensions


Advanced Has Never Been so Simple

Only the PC-12 NGX offers the advanced avionics of high-end business jets tailored for the single pilot. Featuring an autopilot optimised for stability and smoothness, and SmartView synthetic vision with performance-based head-up display symbology, the PC-12 NGX’s Advanced Cockpit Environment (ACE) sets the bar for ultimate control and situational awareness without a steep learning curve. Safety of flight is the highest priority of Pilatus, and the new PC-12 NGX includes an array of new technologies like tactile feedback in unusual attitudes, an Emergency Descent Mode (EDM), and a Crew Alerting System (CAS) that automatically calls up the appropriate electronic checklist on the multi-function display. Powerful. Intuitive. Safe. It’s what you expect from Pilatus.

Kind of Operation

Single-Pilot Certified

Take-Off Power

1.200 shp

Stall Speed


SmartView Synthetic Vision


The Future of Turboprop Technology

Building on the proven success of its predecessor, the PC-12 NGX offers pilots the latest technologies in navigation, safety, and situational awareness. With tools and features more advanced than most airliners, the PC-12 NGX raises the bar with enhanced graphical displays, weather on the vertical situation display, full ADS-B IN functionality, 3D audio, detailed 2D airport moving maps, SmartLanding and SmartRunway awareness and advisory system, flight path guidance for visual approaches, controller-pilot datalink communications, and even an optional digital autothrottle system – the first of its kind in a business turboprop. Don’t wait for the future – it’s here today in the PC-12 NGX.


The World’s Most Versatile Platform

The PC-12 NGX is virtually unrivalled in terms of special mission capability. It affords operators the ability to cover a whole range of assignments with a single-aircraft type, including surveillance, medical assistance, cargo transport and search and rescue. In other words: missions which require immediate intervention and total reliability.


Engineered Like No Other

The latest version of the PC-12 NGX both climbs and cruises faster with no increase in horsepower. Through clever aerodynamic refinements, it is five knots faster than its predecessor, with a top cruise speed of 290 knots (537 kilometres per hour). Maximum range has been extended to 1,765 nautical miles (3,269 kilometres).

Why Own a PC-12 NGX?

Ten Reasons

  • 01 Proven and Safe

    With more than 1,700 PC-12s in the field, and over seven million flight hours behind the ultra-reliable Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6 engine, experience makes a difference. The PC-12 leads the industry in sales and enjoys a safety record on par with twin-engine business jets.

  • 02 Versatility

    PC-12s are in use around the world with owner-pilots, corporations, charter and fractional companies, air ambulances, special missions, cargo and law enforcement agencies. This extreme diversity gives owners confidence that their investment in a PC-12 NGX is a sound decision.

  • 03 Smartest Cockpit

    The PC-12 NGX leads all others. Autothrottle, tactile feedback, Electronic Propeller and Engine Control System, plus industry-leading features that enhance safety and situational awareness all work together to help PC-12 NGX operators fly safely and efficiently in the most demanding conditions.

  • 04 Best Cabin in Its Class

    With 330 cubic feet (9.34 cubic metres) of cabin volume, you’ll enjoy more space than business jets costing twice as much. New executive seats, more headroom, larger cabin windows and modern BMW Designworks interiors take the PC-12 NGX to an entirely new level of comfort and productivity.

  • 05 Unrivalled Efficiency

    Maybe it’s our Swiss DNA, but we are not wasteful, and neither are our aircraft. The whole concept behind the PC-12 NGX is to travel farther, faster, in more comfort, on less fuel and lower carbon emissions.

  • 06 Countless Destinations

    The PC-12 NGX can use runways as short as 2,485 feet (758 metres) at its maximum weight and operate from dirt, gravel, and grass surfaces. The PC-12 NGX can take you places you’ve never been in a business aircraft. Fly closer to your ultimate destination and save overall travel time.

  • 07 Cargo Door

    Other than our own PC-24 Super Versatile Jet, no other business aircraft features a standard cargo door in addition to a main passenger entry door. Designed to allow a fork-lift to load a standard size pallet directly into the cabin, it can surely fit your luggage, your motor bike, and your surfboard.

  • 08 Highest Residual Value

    Independent after-market research publications have verified that PC-12 owners enjoy one of the highest value retention rates in all of business aviation, significantly lowering the total cost of owning a PC-12.

  • 09 Crafted in Switzerland

    Pilatus is the only Swiss aircraft manufacturer. Since 1939, every Pilatus aircraft has been designed and manufactured with legendary Swiss quality. We’re proud to be called over-engineered.

  • 10 First-Class Support

    At Pilatus, our primary objective is to keep you flying. Our business model is not built on profiting from your down time. For 19 consecutive years, Pilatus customer support has been rated number 1 in the business turboprop market.


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